Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine

It feels like every brand out there now stocks some form of a matte liquid lipstick, back when I reviewed my first Lime Crime Red Velvet, there weren't anywhere near as many. Back then, I found the concept of drying/mattifying liquid lipsticks odd but now I'm no stranger to them and own several from a decent variety of brands. I finally ended up purchasing another from the brand that I'm fairly sure started the trend and after trialing out different matte liquid lipsticks, are the new repackaged Velvetines still awesome?

Wicked Velvetine swatched above Red Velvet to compare

Of all three shades in the Clueless Witch line, Wicked is the most accessible and Salem probably the oddest that I may have to pick up at some point. Wicked is a gorgeous deep burgundy red, the perfect shade for this time of year, not that the time of year would stop me from sporting a dark lip. I'd describe the pigmentation for the Velvetine range as intense.

I love wearing these because I don't have to worry about transfer or reapplying product for the most part, they're quite fuss free. These are waterproof and super long lasting although after 6/7 hours of wear the product tends to fade a little on the center of the lips. After several hours of wear, it can get a little uncomfortable on the lips though. I find other liquid lipsticks that feel more comfortable on the lips don't tend to be as long-lasting, so it's down to personal taste.

The one kind of drawback of these is that you get 2.6 ml of product for £13.50 or $20 depending on where you purchase from. For an indie brand isn't the cheapest but it's certainly more affordable than a brand like Hourglass' rouge liquid lipsticks that sell 2.8 ml of product for £23 or $28. However, you can easily get more product for less with NYX or Sleek's Matte Me range.

Of all things to try out in the Lime Crime range, the Velvetines are a must! I've yet to try a liquid lip that's beaten them in terms of durability and length of time. In my honest opinion, I prefer the Velvetine formula over every other matte liquid lipstick I've tried so far.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette

It feels like it's been forever since Sugarpill released a non limited edition product that captured my attention. You would think the darker Cold Chemistry palette would have been right up my alley but it didn't appeal to me for some reason. Despite it's ultra girly pastelness, I knew I needed the Sparkle Baby palette after catching a glance of it at IMATs.

It's an odd time to release a pastel filled palette, but I'm certainly glad I didn't have to wait until spring to finally get my hands on this palette! The cute, kitten themed palette is true it's name as I only realised upon receiving this, all four shadows contain some form of sparkle or shimmer, with it being more obvious in some and subtle in other shades. Unlike the original quad palettes in the Sugarpill range, this palette comes with four shadows in a row rather than the 2x2 format, which I much prefer. I also love how the sparkle baby palette is less bulky than the older palettes.

 Kitten Parade is shimmery peach with an opulent golden sheen, similar to the rose gold of Nars Orgasm blush, I picture myself using this as a cheek highlight in future looks. Kitten Parade probably had the best pigmentation out of all four shades. Frostine is a frosty pastel lavender which makes for an excellent highlighter shade. Candycrush was a surprisingly pigmented glistening mint with a pearl finish. Hotsy Totsy is a magenta with subtle iridescent sparkle, I found it to be a more buildable shade, making it an excellent colour to pop onto your cheeks.

The shades are surpriginly well pigmented, I assumed it being a pastel palette I would have to rely on a white base but I managed to create a beautiful look with the palette with just an eye primer. I started off by adding Hotsy Totsy into the crease, popped Kitten Parade on the lid, used Frostine to highlight and used Candyrush on the lower lash line. I finished the look by adding Violet Voss' Copperella glitter on the lid and applied some eyeliner. If you wanted to center a look around Frostine though, I would use a white base but with the other shades, I found using Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy was the best tool to make these shades really pop.

The adorable Sugarpill palette is available on the Sugarpill site for $34 and the singles are $12 each. If you're in the UK, you can purchase it online from CuteCosmetics or walk in store at Cocktail Cosmetics for £24.95 or get the singles for £8.95.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury New Matte Revolution Lipstick in Sexy Sienna Review

After receiving my first pay check at my new job, I thought I'd indulge a little by purchasing my first high end lipstick. As Charlotte Tilbury had just released her new Matte Revolution lipstick range, I decided to head to a counter to try out the unusually square lipsticks. I originally had my eye on their plum/purple shade, Glastonberry, which would have been perfect for fall, but on me it didn't seem particularly purple and was closer to a sheer blackcurrant shade. I ended up trying out a few of their other shades and settled on Sexy Sienna, a wonderful shade of golden coral.

There are 10 shades in the entire range and each shade coordinates with the 10 signature looks. Sexy Sienna for example, was made for the Golden Goddess look, although personally, I love using this lipstick with a smoky eye. Each of the lipsticks were also created with a specific celebrity or model in mind, this was inspired by Sienna Miller whilst Glastonberry was inspired by the likes of Rihanna and Blondie frontwoman, Debbie Harry. 

While I'm not especially fond of most of the packaging in the Charlotte Tilbury range, I adore the rose gold packaging and especially the oddly shaped square bullet. It was designed that way to match the square lip brush in the Charlotte Tilbury range as it's meant to provide precise application. The only thing I dislike about the lipstick is how fingerprints can easily make the inner casing look dirty quickly. 

The formula to these matte lipsticks are unlike any other matte lipstick I've used, they apply easily and I found they weren't too pigmented as I always have to swipe a few layers on to my lips for full coverage, it's meant to be a buildable lipstick. You can apply it relatively sheer for subtle colour or layer it to bring out the coral tinge. The formula also includes lipstick tree and orchid extract to soften and hydrate your lips and I found I actually experienced no drying at all. It also includes '3D glowing pigments' which are meant to give the illusion of wider and fuller lips. In terms of longevity, I'd say it lasts 4-5 hours on the lips without primer and I found it didn't last through a meal particularly well either.

Each lipstick in the Matte Revolution range sells for £23 and is available at Selfridges, alternatively you can purchase a desk to disco duo set of two matte revolution lipsticks for £42 on the official Charlotte Tilbury website. It's the first time I've ever spent more than £20 on a single lipstick and I'm glad this was the one I spent the money on instead of another brand. There's something about the lipstick that makes me feel extra classy whenever I pull it out, I love it so much that I've been looking at other possible shades to purchase like Birkin Brown.

Overall, despite it's price, I would definitely recommend trying out one of the lipsticks in Charlotte Tilbury's new matte revolution lipstick range, 0 regrets buying.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Urban Decay's Vice LTD Palette

When the Vice 3 was announced I had hoped that Urban Decay had finally come out with a limited edition palette that I liked enough to part money with, however, I wasn't 100% sold on the colours I saw online. So when I discovered that Selfridges had a very limited stock of a Vice Limited Palette, I was excited to finally have found a palette with a gorgeous mixture of nudes and jewel tone shades and mattes, satin, metallic, glitter and shimmer finishes.

The palette comes with 20 shades of which the majority have been in previous limited edition Urban Decay palettes and a few of them were previously available as single shadows at one point. There are only three shades that are completely new to the brand in the palette as far as I'm aware, which are Disco, Floss and Hoodoo. So if you're a hardcore Urban Decay fan who's been collecting all their palettes, you may be okay to skip this one.

Nameless is a medium taupe satin. Backdoor is a cool dark brown matte, if I were to travel light, I could see myself using this shade for my brows or paired with a smoky eye. Deeper is a metallic medium bronze, disco is a pale metallic gold with iridescent glitter making it a gorgeous highlight or lid shade and heat is a warm bright metallic copper.

Crystal is a icy metallic blue with shimmer making it an excellent shadow to pair with Goddess, which is a deep blue with subtle micro glitter. Vaporize is a medium metallic grey taupe and floss is deep emerald with micro-glitter that required a bit of layering to get full coverage. Perversion is a soft matte black shadow which is somewhat disappointing as the eye pencil version of this is the blackest eyeliner I own, I'd hope for this to be the blackest black shadow I own too. Overall this is by far my favourite row, with shades perfect for creating a smoky eye.

Provocateur is a beautiful icy metallic pink with micro glitter. Hoodoo is a medium metallic violet with a subtle pink shift whereas Freakshow is a bright purple satin. Junkshow is a bright pink that reminds me of Savage from the electric palette but this has a satin finish more reminiscent of Jilted. Blitz is a bright in your face metallic gold.

Chase is a soft metallic bronze and easily the most pigmented shade in the palette. Last Sin is a gorgeous pale champagne with a shimmer finish. Roadstripe is an iridescent white with a blue violet shift that is impossible to capture on camera. Anonymous is a pale peachy cream matte, excellent for a matte highlight and Laced is a soft matte pink nude perfect to fake naked lids.

Overall, I love this palette and can definitely see myself taking this palette if I were to go on holiday. It has mattes, shimmer, nudes, colour, everything you need in a gorgeous lime green casing. At £42, it may not be in everybody's budget, but I'd rather spending that much money on a palette with 20 wonderfully pigmented shadows than a quad as some luxury brands do.

The major downside to this palette is how limited it is, I'm stunned that Urban Decay only released 1000 of these on the Sephora US site a while ago and in the UK it also had a very limited stock on the Selfridges site. Selfridges Birmingham had 300 in store, so if you're still interested I would contact Rose, the Selfridges Personal Beauty Shopper at

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