Monday, July 21, 2014

American Apparel I Heart LA Glitter Nail Polish

When I visited Selfridges Birmingham's new Beauty Hall last month, Rose pointed out a really cute 'glitter' nail polish from American Apparel. Instead of glitter, you get tiny pink and red paper hearts. I've generally been rubbish with nail art in the last year, even when I try they don't seem to come out right at all but I thought I'd just go ahead and try anyway.

As the polish was under the 'glitter' category, I thought I'd add some actual glitter and use one of my Violet Voss glitters from IMATS. I decided to just go for my pot of red glitter (Rose) but in retrospect the purple or copper would have worked too as it'd help the hearts stand out more.

I started off with painting the tips of my nails red (rather messily as pictured above). Then I used the I Heart LA polish as a top coat by wiping off the hearts on the inside of the bottle. Immediately after, I began adding a heavy coat of glitter on the tips of my nails and a lighter layer in the middle. I did these two steps one nail at a time. Finally, I used the I Heart LA glitter polish on the nail and pushed the hearts around to wear I wanted with the nail polish brush.

Whilst the nail polish is adorable it's also a little tricky to use. You don't get a lot of hearts that come out at the same time which is handy if you wanted a minimal look. However, if you were hoping for heavy layers then you'll have to put some work into it. If you're a perfectionist, you may find yourself struggling whilst trying to align them all in the same general direction. On the plus side, it is a very unique polish and something I'd expect from an indie nail polish brand.

I can't seem to find a link to it online but I picked mine up from Selfridges for £7 and if you're in the states it may be worth visiting your local American Apparel store.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Melt Cosmetics Lipsticks in Blow & By Starlight

I've finally come around to reviewing these two wonderful Melt lipsticks that I shared months ago on Instagram. I've already done a rather long review on Melt's cobalt blue lipstick DGAF which is slightly more detailed than this one. Like DGAF, the two shades I got are also one of the more bold and even outrageous shades available in the Melt range, Blow and By Starlight. 

Melt do some very interesting descriptions for each of the colors. Blow, which is a forest green lipstick with a teal undertone to it, has a strange little poem. By Starlight, which is a somewhat dark cool-purple lipstick with a hint of pink to it, has the funniest description, "Remember that one time when the love of your life kissed you under the moonlight and you gazed into each other's eyes and you just knew it was for eternity...yeah neither do we." If you're still unsure, I've done looks with Blow and By Starlight on along with comparing each of them to the other green and purple lipsticks in my collection.

Being one of the new shades, Blow had a creamier formula than it's predecessors, however, I found that it really pulled on my lips when applying. I experienced no pulling with By Starlight with it's matte finish but you will definitely need to scrub any dryness on your lips as it tends to cling on to the dry bits. I adore how little transfer occurred whilst drinking and eating, these were surprisingly durable. These easily lasted around 6 hours on me.

The two lipsticks did have the same odd scent that reminded me of coconuts that I experienced with DGAF (don't take my work on it being coconuts, I'm terrible with guessing smells). I can imagine it being offputting to some but whilst I don't like the smell, I don't hate it either.  

My main disappointments though were that both Blow and By Starlight weren't quite the shade of green/purple I was expecting. Whilst Blow is a gorgeous shade in itself, I was gutted that it was nowhere near as dark as the promo images. It is possible it's just one of those lipsticks that looks different depending on whose wearing it though. By Starlight gets a free pass though as although it's not the shade of purple I was expecting, it's 100% still definitely purple and not pink/berry/brown like certain high street 'purple' lipsticks are.

These lipsticks on their own are awesome at just over £11 each, even if you were to ship these from the states it'll cost around £17 which isn't bad. However if you were to order more than one it's possible to get a customs charge which surprised me. It seems Royal Mail have lowered the threshold on what can incur a customs charge, I felt ripped off as it would have been more cost effective to purchase these in separate orders, so do be strategic when buying.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Subtle Triple Winged Eyeliner

Today's makeup is an odd mix of subtle and dramatic, it's a triple winged eyeliner look that's disguised as two. It's a nice look to wear that seems like the general eyeliner and bold lip combination but with a bit more to it to avoid odd stares when you're out.

 After applying eye primer, I just used a 'my lids but better' eyeshadow all over the lid and added a highlighter shade beneath the brow. Next, I used silver liquid eyeliner where I would normally have my cat eye but only applied the wing. Next, I lined my eyes with black liquid liner and then created a wing both beneath and above the silver wing. Then I used a silver eye pencil for my lower lash line. After a little tightlining, I applied mascara and false lashes. I finished the look with Pretty Zombie Cosmetic's liquid lipstick in purple poison, which is the only lip product I own that someone will always end up complimenting.

Products Used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (Not pictured)
Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Shadows in Lunar Lights & Glasswing
Lime Crime Uniliners in Quill & Reason
Urban Decay 24/5 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Cuff & Perversion
YSL Mascara + False Lashes
Benefit Fakeup in Medium
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation mixed with
Maybelline Superstat Better Skin foundation in Sable Sand
Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Purple Poison

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holy Grail Products #2 NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk & Black Bean

I may be cheating a little by including two shades, this post was originally going to only about Milk but Black Bean deserves a mention too. NYX's jumbo pencils are often compared to Urban Decay's shadow pencils and whilst the quality for Urban Decay's is superior, NYX still win on color range, price and the fact that the shadow pencils seem to be discontinuing.

What is it?
They're essentially chubby eyeliners that you can also use as an eyeshadow. The formula is creamy with a mixture of mineral oils and powder to help avoid any tugging or pulling on the lid.

So why is it holy grail worthy?
Milk makes an excellent white base for any troublesome eyeshadows, especially pastels or the usual culprit color, yellow. It helps intensify bright neon eyeshadows as well. For those of you who don't touch or own any bright shadows or pastel shades, it may not be for you. However, you can also use Milk and Black Bean on the lid to create eyeshadow shapes which Jangsara did a very indepth piece on. Black Bean is great for pigments, especially ones with a subtle duochrome to it like Illamasqua's Static (pictured above) or Sugarpill's loose shadow in Lumi.

Application Tips
While I do adore these, they aren't perfect. If you apply a heavy layer you can get creasing however applying eyeshadow over it or a sheer powder to mattify it would solve the problem. Personally though, I tend to smudge it all over the lid with a brush or clean finger as you would with eyeshadow primer.

Price & Availability
This may be a slightly overhyped product, I'd be surprised if you've never heard about how much you need NYX's milk jumbo pencil. At £5 it's extremely affordable and I can't imagine finding a cheaper alternative. If you happen to be in the states this sells for only $4.50 and I personally only spent around £2.50 for mine back when I was in the middle east. If you're currently in the UK and haven't already heard, NYX has been available in certain Next stores for a while now and is also available online at

Have you picked up anything from NYX now that they've finally landed in the UK?

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