Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette

Kat Von D's makeup line impresses me more and more with each release. The line currently seems to be going though a makeover with new palettes, lipstick designs and repackaged liquid lipsticks. I'm really gutted that they're only available on Sephora US as I'm sure the entire line would do well if they branched out to other countries. I originally planned on picking up just the Monarch palette as it's so far the only 'nude' palette that's caught my interest. When I came across a eBay listing a while ago on a used Chrysalis palette, I thought I'd try it out.

LifeLike, Lunar Lights, Lucid, Hybrid Moments, Mezzanine, Transition, Glasswing, Melancholia, Black Milk, Graphic Nature, Entombed, Tornay

The palette comes with 3 base shades in large pans so you don't run out of them. Lifelike is a rather pigmented matte cream but a little chalky. Lunar Lights is an incredibly pigmented pearl grey and applies easily, it's the only one out of all three that I can picture myself using up. Lucid is a sparkle rose which seems rather pink in the pan but the pink is barely noticeable applied. I found it chalky and that it required some building whilst applying. The glitter particles didn't really stick to the eyeshadow both swatched and on the lids causing the sparkles to fallout.

The other 9 shades are in smaller pans and are meant to serve as accent-hues, where the other three are the 'go-to' shades. Hybrid moments is described as a matte deep purple, although I'd consider it a deep plum. I find it has a hint of chalkiness and requires a little building. Mezzanine is a sparkle violet that applies easily, but comes off a bit darker than what it looks like in the pan. Transition is a pearl mauve with excellent pigmentation and a buttery texture.

Glasswing is a matte caramel that matches my lid perfectly, I find myself using it all over the lid to seem as though I'm wearing nothing on my lid or will use it to blend out a smoky eye. The formula was also ultra soft and easy to blend. Melancholia is a pearl silver and my most used shadow. It's a little powdery on it's own but that problem disappears with a primer. Black Milk is a matte grey and probably my least favourite colour of them all, I find with my skin tone it requires a lot of building to get the colour to no longer be sheer.

Graphic Nature is described as a pearl charcoal which is rather pigmented but lacks the shimmer effect the other pearl shades have. I find the texture to be slightly powdery. Entombed is a pearl blue that applies easily, it's not as soft or buttery as other pearl shades in the palette are. Tornay is a matte navy and in my opinion, the worst performing shade in the palette. It's difficult to blend and required a lot of building. However, as bad as it is, it's still not bad quality and I've still tried worse quality shadows in the past.

The Kat Von D Chrysalis palettes are available on the Sephora US website for $46 who now deliver to the UK and other countries. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Recent Urban Decay Electric Palette Looks

The Urban Decay Electric palette has been my go to palette for whenever I feel like doing bright eye makeup looks, I've actually not touched any of my Sugarpill palettes since owning it. Instead of creating a different post for each look, I thought I'd just share them all in one. 

The 'All of the Colours' look This is actually very similar to the electric palette look tutorial I did, except instead of using just Urban (purple) and Jilted (fuchsia), I used all the colours giving it a rainbow outline. Although thrash (lime green) is very green in the pan, it leans yellow depending on what shades you pair it with.

The Cat Eye This was a very experimental one, it's been years since I've touched gel liner and my brush was very frayed. I used Slowburn (orange) on the inner eye corner, then applied Savage (bright pink) on to the lid and Jilted (fuchsia) on the outer corner. I then created the wing using gel liner and blended Urban (purple) from the gel liner into Fringe.

The Green Smoky Eye Whilst Urban (purple) is my most used and favourite shade, Fringe (teal) is a close second. To create the smoky eye I used Gonzo (turquoise) as a base, Fringe (teal) over the lid, Freak (bright green) blended into the crease, Thrash (lime green) also blended into the crease and dusted Revolt (silver) as a brow highlight.

The failed Arabic Eye This is my least favourite look as it did not turn out the way I had imagined in my mind. Definitely one I'll be redoing in future. I started off with using Revolt to create the silver V, then applied Chaos (bright blue) all over the lid and blended Gonzo into the crease before applying and attempting to blend out Urban Decay's Perversion black eye pencil. 

The Glitter Look This is a bit of a cheat, as I already posted this the other week. I used Violet Voss' purple glitter over Urban on the lid, then blended Chaos and a hint of Gonzo into the crease before applying Revolt on the brow bone as a highlighter.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Top 5 Odd Coloured Lipsticks

A few years ago, I came across some celebrity who was wearing an odd shade of lipstick and thought, hey, I want that. However, I had no idea where to get such a colour, now, unusual lipstick shades have moved from being something only niche indie brands would offer, to high street brands (Illamasqua, Kat Von D) and now even certain drugstore brands (Makeup Revolution, NYX). These days, if a brand releases an unsual lipstick shade, you'll find that it's that colour that will go out of stock first. Take for example Kat Von D's studded kiss range, which now includes a black lipstick, a lilac one and a dark blue. When her lipstick range relaunched, the first lipsticks to sell out were those. As someone who finally has every colour of the rainbow in lipsticks, I thought I'd share my top 5 unusually coloured lipsticks. 

PZC 3 Witches, Melt DGAF,  LC Serpentina, NYX Pistachio, Illamasqua Pristine

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in 3 Witches As a purple lipstick addict, I obviously couldn't help but include at least one purple lipstick. As a lot of high street brands seem to offer at least one purple lipstick these days, it's safe to say that they're not a very unusual shade. However, whilst most high street brands offer a berry/plummy/pinky purple, 3 witches by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is a very in your face bright violet purple.

NYX macaron lippie in Pistachio Whilst the wear time of most of the Macaron Lippies are laughable and a lot of the shades do look hideous on me, I love this lipstick purely for the colour. I'll probably never make decent use of it aside for the few days I'm lucky enough to do have nothing to do but play with makeup though.

Illamasqua matte lipstick in Pristine Black lipsticks deserve more love, especially from myself. I find Illamasqua lipsticks tend to vary in texture with each shade. I picked up their matte black lipstick in Pristine for £5 during one of their online sales and was impressed by how easily it applied without any pulling or tugging. They're also the most long-wear lipsticks I own, so if you want to avoid fading when wearing black lips, I'd recommend Illamasqua's Pristine.

Melt Cosmetics lipstick in DGAF If you don't know what DGAF stands for, it's basically how you feel when you actually try it on, you don't care how ludicrous the colour is, you simply don't give. I've raved about this lipstick so many times now, a royal blue lipstick is not something I ever imagined I'd purchase, not even for a cosplay but I've not come across another lipstick colour that's made me feel quite as badass.

Lime Crime lipstick in Serpentina I've tried to find other green lipsticks to compare to this and whilst others last longer without needing to reapply, this will forever be my favourite green lipstick shade. It has a very Poison Ivy-esque feel to it and makes you feel poisonous wearing it.

So those are my top 5 favourite unusual lipsticks, do you have any? Feel free to recommend me some in the comments section below!

Monday, September 15, 2014

GOSH Grey Forever Eye Shadow and Crispy Lips Lip Lacquer Review*

Back in July, I attended a local Blogger Meet and received two GOSH items, including an eyeshadow pencil and a lip lacquer that released as part of their SS14 collection. These were all very new items to me as at the time I hadn't even looked at a GOSH stall in months. Since I've not really tried many Gosh products either, I was looking forward to trying these out.

Despite the fact that Gosh Lip Lacquers say 'lip' in bold capital letters, at first sight I thought they were nail polishes. These aren't exactly lipglosses though and are meant to have 'colour like a lipstick and shine like a gloss'. These certainly have a gloss feel to them whilst being quite pigmented. As I'm generally not a huge fan of Barbie pink lips, I like to apply a thin layer though, giving it a nude pink finish. Since I only apply a thin layer the lip colour lasts for 3/4 hours. If you apply a thick layer on, you can expect it to fade after 2 hours into a stain. The lipgloss comes with a doe foot applicator and has a very fruity scent to it. The lightweight formula has a non-sticky feel to it and also contains Argon oil and Vitamin E to soften and moisturise your lips.

Overall, despite not being a gloss fan I quite like it, so I imagine gloss fans would love this. The Gosh lip lacquers come in 8 shades and cost £5.99 each.

The GOSH Forever Eyeshadow sticks aren't a unique concept as drugstore, midrange and high end beauty brands now do them. I've never been sold on the concept of eyeshadow pencils so was quite interested to see how they perform. The entire Gosh forever eyeshadow range have a metallic glitter finish sticks and are meant to have a non-oily finish and a water-repellant formula for longevity. I ended up applying a heavy line but used a makeup brush to smudge it out into a subtle light cat eye. The eyeshadow stick is easily the creamiest pencil I own and it lasted all day. Whilst I don't see this replacing my huge eyeshadow collection, it's excellent for travel or a quick eye look for when you're in a rush.

The Gosh forever eyeshadow sticks also come in a range of 8 shades and cost £5.99 each.

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